Our responsibilities

At Bakkavor we focus on doing things the right way: ensuring we consider the needs of those that matter to us – our employees, customers, consumers, suppliers, local communities, our shareholders and lenders – as well as reducing our environmental impact where we have direct control. We have values and systems in place to ensure we do this right and keep doing it right.

Managing CSR

Managing CSR

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Managing our CSR

Our framework ensures compliance with the legislation relevant to our global operations and, where appropriate for our business, we look for opportunities within our CSR framework to create competitive advantage.

Our Group Technical Director, Ann Savage, is responsible for the Group’s CSR policies and performance and reports monthly to the Management Board. She is supported by the Group CSR Manager and Group SHE Auditor whose roles are to embed and monitor sound CSR practices across the business.

We take a continuous improvement approach to the development and sharing of good practice across the business through conferences, workshops and our Group Employee Forum. On a day-to-day basis, we co-ordinate the activity of various Action Teams (e.g. Energy, Waste and Health and Safety Action Teams) who focus on providing solutions and testing new technologies and practices for wider application across the business. These teams are typically made up of a variety of internal key stakeholders and, when required, selected external experts.

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