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In the UK and the US, we work with leading grocery retailers to support them in differentiating their product offering by focusing on their own-label brands. In China, we supply foodservice operators. In partnership with our customers, we have led the way in developing the FPF market in the UK – one of the largest and most dynamic of its kind in the world.

We have used this expertise to grow and develop our presence in the US and China, with both markets showing strong growth in the high-quality, fresh, convenience food sector.

We report our business performance under two segments: UK and International.

Group Revenue

1. Alternative Performance Measures (“APMs”), including ‘like-for-like’, ‘adjusted’ and ‘underlying’ are used as a guide to performance. The definitions and calculations for APMs are set out in Note 40 of the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements in the Annual Report and Accounts 2018.

Our proven business model – combined with our extensive insight into consumer trends and an ability to turn this insight into creative commercial products – gives the Group a clear competitive advantage in the FPF market.

United Kingdom

We employ approximately 17,000 people in the UK and are the number one producer by market share in each of the four UK FPF categories: meals, salads, desserts and pizza & bread.

Our customers include all the well-known UK grocery retailers, who sell our products under their own respective brands. In 2018, we developed over 500 new products in the UK in partnership with them.

We operate a complex operating model, and our sites are operational 24 hours a day, 364 days a year. Given the short shelf life of products, our sites receive orders ‘on-the-day, for-the-day’. In order to fulfil orders on time and in full, labour and materials are arranged in advance, which requires a skilled planning process.



Our International business comprises the FPF market in the US and the foodservice market in China.

We employ over 600 people in the US and over 2,000 in China, having operated in both countries for more than 10 years.

We believe we are well placed to influence and develop these markets by leveraging our UK expertise. Both markets have demonstrated a growing demand for fresh, high-quality, healthy and convenient food options.

In 2018, our International business expanded its presence with the addition of five new factories – three in China and two in the US.

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