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We manufacture food that is not only great tasting, but also meets the highest standards of safety. In addition to customer requirements, the Group is subject to extensive food safety regulations and, where required, governmental monitoring where we operate.

At Bakkavor we use Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (“HACCP”) principles to identify any potential food safety risks and ensure they are effectively controlled when developing and manufacturing its products. These procedures form the backbone of Bakkavor’s Quality Management Systems and Standards. In total, Bakkavor employs almost 700 food safety professionals.

Sites are audited regularly, often on an unannounced basis, by internal food safety experts, customers and independent bodies for compliance with food safety standards.

In the UK, as well as having food safety experts at each of our sites, we have a dedicated central technical team overseeing operations. The team comprises in excess of 60 colleagues, and are experts in microbiology, chemistry, produce, pesticides, process innovation and all aspects of designing and maintaining chilled food factories to the highest standards.

In the UK, Bakkavor conducts over 1,500 in-house microbiology and chemistry tests every day. It is this detailed approach that ensures that all 23 of the Group’s UK manufacturing sites hold certification at 'AA+' or 'A+' grade against the British Retail Consortium Global Standard – Food Safety.

In the US, we ensure that our facilities adhere to the highest food safety standards set by institutions including US Food Safety, USFDA and USDA.

In China, we passed the American Institute of Bakery Audit, a very high food safety standard in the bakery industry. Our site in Hong Kong gained accreditation in of their HACCP plan and certification against ISO22000, a Food Safety Management System Certification by the International Organization for Standardization.


As a leading food producer, we recognise the significant role we can play in shaping food habits and behaviours. We support the growing trend for healthy, convenient food, and through our insight and innovation capabilities, we do our utmost to provide consumers with nutritious and fresh food choices that help support a healthy lifestyle.

Together with our customers we are responding to healthy eating trends by reviewing salt, sugar and saturated fat levels in our food. This includes introducing new healthy food options including several well-publicised and successful vegan ranges and products.

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