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Consumers are at the heart of what we do: our deep understanding of the food choices they make enables us to create and make innovative products for our customers that set us apart from our competitors.

Focusing on customer service and continuously creating and making food that is commercially viable and meets consumer demand is what drives our business and creates value for our stakeholders.

What Differentiates Us

We have a number of strengths which, combined with a confidence in market fundamentals and demand for fresh prepared food (FPF), help differentiate us in the industry:

  • Clear leadership in the UK FPF market and across four out of five* product categories
  • Proven operating model of managing complexity and ability to manufacture short shelf-life products at scale
  • Strong and long-standing customer relationships in all our markets
  • Ability to provide both customer and consumer specific insights to drive innovation
  • Track record of, and investment in, food safety
  • Resilient financial profile and sustainable track record for organic growth
*Market leader in Meals, Pizza & Bread, Salads and Desserts, with no presence in the Sandwiches category

Our Stakeholders

We engage with our stakeholders through:

  • Partnering with our customers to develop a diverse, innovative and on-trend product range to drive consumer demand
  • Collaborating with our suppliers to promote customer service and food safety excellence so that we all benefit from growth and innovation
  • Offering open communication with our investors, explaining our strategy and performance at regular intervals
  • Providing an engaging learning environment and rewards to attract and retain our colleagues
  • Investing in our communities, working collaboratively to promote the sustainable growth of the food industry

Creating Value For Our Stakeholders

We believe it is important to listen and engage with our stakeholders as we will only be able to build a sustainable business with their input, cooperation and trust.

How We Create Value