Bakkavor’s Cucina Sano receives M&S Plan A Award

05 Jul 2017

Bakkavor is delighted to announce that its Cucina Sano business based in Boston, Lincolnshire has won the M&S Plan A Award for Environmental Leadership.

The award recognises a new programme or supplier that has demonstrated leadership thinking and the potential to drive significant environmental change.

Cucina Sano has installed a state-of-the-art water treatment facility which became fully operational in December 2016.  The facility converts wastewater back to drinking water, thereby significantly reducing water consumption, wastewater and tanker traffic movements to and from the site.  The project has also been hailed as a success due to the business's commitment to proactive community engagement throughout the implementation process.

Agust Gudmundsson, CEO comments:

"We are proud that Cucina Sano has received this customer award in recognition of the progress we are making to environmental sustainability.  Water reduction is one of our key priority areas and we will continue to look at ways where we can make a significant positive impact."


Press contact:

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