Our stakeholders

By communicating with our stakeholders we can understand better what we do well and where we can improve for the long-term good of the business.

We gain trust from our stakeholders by setting industry standards and we manage our resources more efficiently and cost effectively. We have a focused approach, concentrating our actions where we have direct control and, consequently, where we can make the most impact.

Values:-We commnunicate our values to promote a common way of working and expected behaviour when engaging with our stakeholders.;Customers:-Building relationships through strong customer engagement across the business.;Industry bodies:-Participating in food industry debates by engaging with leading industry bodies and working groups.;Commnunity:-Working with local communities to understand any issues and develop community relationships.;Employees:-Engaging through a range of communication channels, including daily briefings, newsletters, formal appraisals and site and Group-wide forums.;Unions:-Developing productive partnerships with our unions.;Investors:-Communicating in an open, timely and unbiased manner, which respects commercial sensitivities.;Suppliers/Contractors:-Collaborating to promote customer service, food safety excellence and continous improvement.