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Sanjeevan Bala

Sanjeevan Bala, Independent Non-executive Director
Designated Workforce Engagement NED

Sanjeevan joined Bakkavor in August 2021 as a Non-executive Director. He is a highly experienced multi award-winning data and analytics professional with a proven track record of driving customer-centric business transformations through the strategic use of data resulting in EBIT and revenue growth. Sanjeevan has successfully operated across a range of sectors including media, retail, financial services, e-commerce and telecoms. He brings expertise in digital transformation, data and AI (both the science and development of new operating models and organisational structure to leverage the value of data), innovation and culture. Sanjeevan has had exposure to the food and beverage sector through his time consulting with PwC to Bestfoods, and through his time with Dunnhumby working with Tesco. Sanjeevan is currently the Group Chief Data & AI Officer at ITV plc and a Member of the Scholars’ Education Trust.