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Bakkavor and the SDGs

The long-term success of our Group depends on responding to the needs of all our stakeholders and the world around us. We developed Trusted Partner – our ESG strategy – in 2019, to address the critical social and environmental issues for our business. The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) supported this process by providing a blueprint for how the industry, government and civil society can make progress towards a mutually sustainable future.

We see the Goals as a valuable framework to translate our strategy to broader sustainable development, provide measurement and indicators of progress as well as opportunities to engage and unify around common themes. For example, we are part of the industry movement taking up the target 12.3 within Sustainable Consumption and Production. By signing up to Champions 12.3 we have committed to halving our food waste in the UK by 2030 and measuring and reporting progress along the way.

At Bakkavor, we have a significant contribution towards some specific SDGs, but all of them are relevant to some degree. The below outlines how we see our contribution and how each Goal relates to our Trusted Partner strategy. More can be read about our approach to each topic, action and commitments on the relevant pages.

UN SDGS where Bakkavor has a significant contribution

UN SDGs where Bakkavor has a moderate contribution