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The Bakkavor Difference

Fresh thinking is at the core of everything we do. We bring scratch cooking fresh to you at scale. We look to delight consumers in the fresh prepared foods space, and with decades of experience originating in the UK, we have proven we do just that. We have a pulse on fresh ingredients, recipes and cuisines that consumers are craving and we are set up to bring only the best to market.

Our passion to deliver is unwavering. No matter the size of the demand, we are able to scale accordingly. We offer a small batch feeling and taste at scale, like our unique sauces that are made from scratch and developed to the unique needs of each customer. While others require large run sizes, we are able to deliver on smaller quantities, but that are still higher volume than a commercial kitchen or basic assembly. Our focus is on manufacturing and marketing high-quality meals, artisanal breads, soups & sauces, hummus, dips and burritos in high volume output.

Culinary Innovation

Our culture of innovation results in chef-curated, one-of-a-kind recipes. We are driven by insights to deliver market-relevant products and take an integrated cross-functional approach to innovation. We are consistently experimenting through our curiosity and drive to exceed expectations.

Fish and rice dish

Our culinary-trained chefs’ passion and love of food is expressed through each unique product created. Our made-from-scratch meals are prepared with fresh, delicious ingredients to create bold, savory flavors that rival home cooking. Once created, these culinary masterpieces are scaled into commercially viable products via a workable manufacturing process.

Food safety and quality are always top-of-mind and we work hard to ensure we maintain the highest standards. We maximize product success through high-quality ingredients at reasonable prices, ensuring products deliver a return. You can taste the difference, our creativity is evident in our fresh flavors.


Our mission is to develop and produce innovative, commercially successful, great-tasting food that offers choice, convenience and freshness to people around the world.

Mini pizzas

Our team develops and launches under specific requirements and utilizes their operational and culinary expertise to generate the freshest and most flavorful products. We adhere to strict regulatory standards and offer robust ingredient and product specification review along with nutritional assessments.

Utilizing a vast network of suppliers allows us to go to the source and produce a truly fresh offering for consumers to enjoy and come back for more. Our suppliers must adhere to very high food quality and safety standards, and we thoroughly research and vet each one before partnering with them.

Strategic Partnership

We value and take pride in our long-standing partnerships with leading retailers across the US. It is at the heart of what we do.

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We believe in building success together by viewing ourselves as a true extension of our customers’ consumer-focused team. We are positioned to grow with their footprint and consumer appetite; with our can-do attitude we make the unthinkable possible by exceeding expectations and delivering on our reputation for quality products and service.

Within our proven partnerships we operate from tactical to strategic, including dedicated sites and dedicated development team resources. We also leverage customer-owned brands or create exclusive control brands for our customers.

Contact us today to see how we can begin a successful partnership together.